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This blog, brought to you by Hyper-Ad Enterprises, Inc., communicates with you, the student in need of help, whether in elementary school, home school, high school, undergraduate college, graduate school or just an interested person wanting fast introductions to important STEM topics, from one of the original STEM college tutoring sites, Technical Tutoring, on the Internet.

The site was first created in 1996, back when the Internet was still young.  We have since expanded our free offerings to cover subjects appropriate to younger people, and to people needing a quickie update on some STEM topic learned long ago.

The web content is free, all of it.  At some point in the future, we may make additional, specialized content available for download for a fee, but that day has yet to come.  When it happens, it will be announced here.

In the meantime, pleaseshare the URL for Technical Tutoring ( ) with your friends, colleagues, fellow home schoolers, fellow s…